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How can I cancel a payment?

You can cancel 'Pending' or 'Sent' payments in your dashboard. For other payment cancellations, please contact support.

Canceling a payment

Note: You are only able to cancel a payment when it is in the 'Pending' or 'Sent' state and the payment is not already processed. Once a payment has been completed, you will no longer be able to cancel the transaction. 

1) Click 'Payments' on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

2) Select the payment that you want to cancel to view the payment details. 

3) Click on the prohibition icon in the top right corner of the payment details sidebar.

4) To cancel the payment request process, click 'Yes, cancel'

Canceling other payments

If this did not answer your question and you want to cancel a payment that is not a 'Pending' payment request, please contact help@mazumago.com.   


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