How can I request/collect a payment?

Collect payments from customers.

Requesting/collecting funds with MazumaGo

There are 2 different ways of requesting a payment: 

  • Via payment link: Payment links are useful when you want to include MazumaGo as a payment method in your invoice. 
  • Via payment email: Send a payment request to your customer by automated email. 

Step-by-step instructions

1. Click on the green 'Move Money' button at the top of your dashboard, and select 'Request'. 

2. Select the customer's email address from the dropdown menu, or click 'Add New' to request money from a new contact.

3. Fill out the amount that you are requesting and add a description, then click ''Review'

4. Select the method you'd like to use to send your request: Email or Link.

5. Review your payment details and click 'Request payment'.  

6a. If you selected the Link option, click the green 'Copy' button to copy the link and paste it into your invoice. 

6b. If you selected the Email option, an automated email will be sent to your contact with the payment request. 


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