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How do I add contacts?

Add your customers, suppliers, employees, and more as Contacts.

How to add contacts 

Contacts can be added to your MazumaGo accounts in 3 ways: 

  • By adding them as part of a new transaction
  • By adding them manually in the Contacts tab of your MazumaGo dashboard
  • By accepting a MazumaGo payment from them 


Adding contacts as part of a new transaction

When requesting or sending money, a new contact can be added with the '+ New Contact' button if they are not already in your dropdown list of contacts.


Adding contacts manually

Contacts can be added any time through the 'Contacts' tab in your dashboard. 

1) Select the 'Contacts' tab from the dashboard. 

2) Select the '+ New Contact' button in the top right of the page. 

Adding by accepting a MazumaGo payment from them 

Once you accept payment from another MazumaGo user, they are automatically be added to your Contacts list. This is automatic and no action is required by you. 


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